DC1000A with Voltech AT Series Testers

Increase Your Existing AT Test Capability to Meet Changing Market Demands

If you are already an AT56 / AT36 / ATi user, you can quickly add DC Bias Testing to your existing processes

Versatile Integration

Versatile Integration

The DC1000A DC Current Bias Supply works seamlessly with any Voltech AT Series transformer tester. (AT5600, AT3600, ATi)

Just add DC1000A's to your existing AT test system as you require them !

You can quickly and easily move the DC1000 from R+D use (with LCR meter) to production volume testing (with AT Tester) to provide consistency of test.

Integrated Control Of Tests

Integrated Control Of Tests

Your AT Test program then controls the Transformer Tester AND the DC Bias unit.
Once connected, you simply program the LSBX LPBX or ZBX tests in the AT program sequence in the usual way, and the AT tester will automatically control the DC1000 for these tests.
Each DC1000A purchase also gives you the 3 AT tests free of charge on one AT-Series tester of your choice (simple firmware download to enable).

Fully Comprehensive Testing

Fully Comprehensive Testing

One station testing including Inductance, Capacitance, DC Resistance, Turns Ratio, Leakage Inductance, Insulation Resistance, Hi-Pot and also DC Bias testing.
PASS / FAIL limits and full results.
Fast - Up to 10 different tests per second.

Test Example - Inductor DC Bias Sweep using AT

We have used the AT5600 and DC1000A to test a Murata 1447440C Inductor, 470 uh +-10%, rated to 4A.
An AT5600 test program was written (see right) to measure Series Inductance, at 10 KHz, 0.7 V AC in the presence of 0-20 Amps DC bias.
The program was run from the AT Editor.
During the test, the AT sets the DC1000 automatically to the required currents, then waits for stabilisation, then measures the inductance.

MURATA 1447440
MURATA 1447440

The sweep shows the classic saturation curve for an inductor under DC BIAS.

The part performs well, and even though rated to 4 A, it only exceeded its spec ( +/-10%) after 7 A DC A is applied.

The 20 measurements took around 40 seconds to complete.

AT test results
AT test results

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