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AT5600 - Updates, New Features and Improvement

Information on AT56 firmware updates for all customers

This gives you new features, new tests and enhancements and fixes to the existing firmware.
All Firmware, Software and Manuals are free from our DOWNLOADS page.
If you have not performed a firmware upgrade before, there is a short YouTube video showing the upgrade process.

10 JUN 2024

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.070 / User Manual V27


Fixed SC Compensation FAIL for 10mA User Signal  and 100mA 300kHz (OPP#12032. #OPP12299)
Fixed compensation for C and C2 when windings aren't shorted
Updated the compensation model for LL execution.
Fixed Dates on SC Comp not updating correctly
Fixed a missing function in Compensation Storage

Fixed LL OC Compensation stores incorrect timestamp (OPP#11328)
Added resume Feature Implementation for AT5600
Fixed Front panel incorrectly allowing TR OC compensation 
Fixed AT5600 does not flag unsupported LLO test via SERVER, and corrupts exiting program (OPP#11279)

LL Improved stability and accuracy of leakage inductance (OPP#12386, OPP#11328, OPP#12112)
LL Fixed accuracy of LL for non-unity turns ratios
LL Fixed LL shift when moving to/from 1 ohm shunt 
LBAL improvements to accuracy for high dB readings (OPP#12367)
LSB LPB ZB Bias test trimming fixes and optimization
LSB LPB ZB Rebuilt internal bias tests to improve execution speed and offset precision.
LSBX LPBX ZBX External Bias Timing execution speed improved
LSBX LPBX ZBX Fixed external bias test overrange handling
LSBX LPBX ZBX Fixed the shutdown of the DC1000 if there is a test abort
LVOC Set the signal type for the LVOC test to voltage
PHAS ILOS Fixed PHAS and ILOS tests reporting unstable results
R Simplified resistance execution
R Resistance Test rework to improve stability 
R Fixed resistance ranging and simplified stabilization.
STRW Fixed STRW timeout calculations and Class D integration 
STRW Fix zero results in STRW
STRW PWRF Resolved 0004 error code on STRW and PWRF tests
TR Restored CM compensation for TR style tests
TR TR Based Tests Compensation and Compilation Method Optimized
TRL Fixed TRL timeout in Auto mode
VOC MAGI Restructured the Class D Execution
VOC MAGI Fixed Class D Overload Interrupt Handling
VOC MAGI Fixed Class D Resistance lookup
VOC MAGI Class D Bug fixes and Enhancements to improve low Voltage readings <5V (OPP#12583)
VOC MAGI Improved class D trip performance 
VOCX Fix for "power exceeded" error on VOCX (OPP#12675)
VOCX MAGX External Transformer Magnetizing Current Restructure
VOCX MAGX Fixed Class D based X tests compilation issues

This release contains an issue with use of the AC Interface STRX test
Please do not install this firmware if you use this test.
This is being worked on for the next release.

AMP + VOCX /  MAGX / WATX This release also contains outstanding issues with use of the AC Interface with an external amplifier
Please do not install this firmware if you use your own amplifier with the AC INTERFACE.
This is being worked on for the next release.

Future improvements
LL - improvements for very low leakage < 500nH.
SYNC PARTS - bug when syncing >450 program names over RS232 to Server
D, LP,LS, Q, RLS, RLP  - work to improve accuracy at very low freq  (<100 HZ) and very high freq ( >100 kHz)
E-dt - New Volts uSec test for pulse transformers..
API - New API software library for direct control of AT5600 via your own software.

25 OCT 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.061

Fixed Server Duplicate Serial Number/Batch Issue (OPP 11819)
Fixed X character treated as "Accept/Enter" command through Barcode or Keyboard (OPP 11890)

HPAC  Fixed HPAC compensation
HPDC  Forcing HPDC to Report 3400 Status Code if Trip Occurred
ILK       Fixed unit rebooting when performing ILK open circuit compensation
MAGI   Fixed MAGI with Mean Sense RMS Measuring Negative Values
MAGI   Improve class D short circuit detection in open circuit compensation
MAGX  Fixed low voltage class D tests into short resetting
PWRF  Fixed PWRF test OC Comp FAILED
R          Fixed DCR Intermittent Failures
R          Fixed DCR Hanging Problem for Large Resistance Windings (OPP11532)
SURG  Fixed some surge values measuring low by <5%
LL         Fixed Generator Type Mapping for some LL tests (OPP 10945)

FUTURE DEV - Coming Soon
LL LS - compensation bug fix - Compensation can fail in some extreme cases when using fixed 10mA test signal.
LL - improvements for very low leakage < 500nH.
MAGI - test time improvements for large transformers.
SYNC PARTS - bug when syncing >450 program names over RS232 to Server
E-dt - New Volts uSec test for pulse transformers..
API - New API software library for direct control of AT5600 vis your own software.

22 AUG 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.053 / User Manual V25

MAGI VOC WATT STRW Improved OC Compensation speed for MAGI, VOC, STRW and WATT Tests
MAGI VOC WATT STRW Enhanced class D precision, improving DC offset performance and low level precision - OPP11254

KNOWN ISSUES - Currently being addressed for next release
Issue with second serial number run not being auto incremented
Issue with a change of batch # within a test tun not updating on next run.
This is currently being addressed.
If you see this issue please contact us.

FUTURE DEV - Coming Soon
FRONT PANEL MEASURE MODE - run individual tests from the front panel.
E-dt – Volts uSec test for pulse transformers..
API - Software library for direct control of AT5600 vis your own software.

25 JUL 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.052 / User Manual V25

Fixed active test name jumping to "CTY" on reset   OPP 8973
Added FPMM key code support and soft-key access (future release)

Enhanced Surge self-test
Fixed occasional Self-Test Overall Fail when all tests have passed.
Remove self-test conditioning routine.
Added desaturation to GN02 and GN12 self-test timing.

Improved compensation storage to store individual range combinations instead of shunt compensation.
Improved the download speed of programs by streamlining compensation storage.
This improved indexing will speed up program load.
Program Load was slow if you had large numbers of compensations stored. The delay was not comms, but the COMP recall after load.
PLEASE NOTE - This upgrade will also clear all previously stored SC+OC compensations from the unit. OPP11165
Improve impedance compensation speed.
Improve open circuit compensation by using ratio of integrated voltage and current instead of integrated impedance.
This should fix erroneous occasional OC comp fails OPP 11173,11154, 11237.
Fixed HPAC, HPDC, ILK, and MAGI open circuit compensation application
Improved pass/fail reporting for short circuit compensation.

API       Fixed result return to server for API (future release)
API       Fixed API not reporting busy (future release)
C2        Fixed negative capacitance match (C2) results.
ILK       Leakage Current (ILK) accuracy enhancement
ILK       Adjusted under-ranging configuration to allow lower ranges on ILK.
ILK       Fixed compensation failure on 100kOhm shunt for ILK OC
IR         IR Compensation Fixed
IR         Fixed high voltage insulation resistance execution time.
IR         Fixed low side selected nodes for insulation resistance tests to correct occasional 100GOHM when into short. OPP11325
LL         LL reverse energization fixed.
LL         Improved speed and accuracy of leakage inductance OPP11243
LSB LPB ZB      Shifted internal bias execution to use new compensation model.
LSB LPB ZB      Fixed trimming error on internal bias
LSB LPB ZB      Fixed impedance compensation for high amperage ranges
LSBX    Added type specific open circuit compensation and bypass for skipped measurements on external bias short circuit compensation.
MAGI    Improved MAGI stability and accuracy.
MAGI    Improved Class D test performance by adding a DC offset trimming routine.
MAGI    MAGI Execution Speed enhanced.
R          Fixed open circuit resistances reporting 1uOhms. OPP11249, 10832
R R2     Optimized compilation of R, R2 and CTY for improved execution speed and compensation time
R2        Fixed error caused by reuse of measurements on R2 tests.
R2        Resistance match (R2) compensation application fixed.
STRX    STRX Test Timeout Fixed
SURG   Surge magnitude learning improved.
SURG   Fixed surge tests with only one impulse reporting
SURG   Surge Learning Simplification
SURG   Improved the surge magnitude learning algorithm.
VOC     Fixed VOC test causing unit reboot. Certain test cases on centre tapped parts previously could cause a reboot at 40-60Hz OPP11075

KNOWN ISSUES - Currently being addressed for next release
OC compensation - a small % of unit may mistakenly report OC COMP fail on this version.
This is currently being addressed.
If you see this issue please contact us.

FUTURE DEV - Coming Soon

FRONT PANEL MEASURE MODE - run individual tests from the front panel.
E-dt – Volts uSec test for pulse transformers..
API - Software library for direct control of AT5600 vis your own software.

14 MAR 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.030 - Maintenance Release

Self Test - Fixes some false fails on some self-tests when unit is functionally good.

31 JAN 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.028 / User Manual v24

Self Test - Fixes some false fails on some self-tests (typically ID #1011, 2023, 2023, 4041) when unit is functionally good.

03 JAN 2023

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.018 / User Manual v24

Fixes an occasional false failure on self-test ID 1000.
Isolates test engine from self-test engine to increase robustness of changes.
Removed unused code.

HPAC HPDC - False flagging of Error Code 0200 fixed.
HPDC - Fixed bug causing occasional longer dwell time than expected.
MAGI WATT VOC - Fixed class D energization to prevent false 3400 error codes.
MAGI WATT VOC - Improved low voltage MAGI results.

KNOWN ISSUES - Currently being addressed for next release.
Self Test - Tests 1011 2023 2023 4041 can fail on some units, which previously passed.
These are false failures and will be corrected on next release.
VOC - when testing multitap windings, and energizing only a part of the winding at 50-70 Hz, and attempting to measure whole winding, the until can reboot.
Regular performance when whole winding is energized is not affected.

11 NOV 2022

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.012 / User Manual v23

SOUNDS - Added Beeps to indicate PASS/FAIL for compensation for a better user experience - follow the same settings as Run Pass/Fail sound.
DC1000 error codes - fixed bugs causing some possible DC1000 Error codes to be incorrect.

ID 1021  - Adjusted limits for Self-Test ID 1021 to stop false failures.
Fixed an issue with infinite self-test time on faulty hardware.

R  - Improved Compensation process for Resistance. Added range locking for resistance short circuit compensation.
R - Improved R test range selection algorithm. This stops R tests taking 60+ seconds or hanging in some extreme cases.
HPDC - Fixed excessive time on HPDC Test execution.
HPAC - AC-EHT trip level enhancement for very high frequencies.
HPAC - Fixed bug that caused issue with some server results flagging HPAC tests as 0020 error code.~
MAGI VOC WATT STRW - Improved Class D test execution. Maximum WATT for all 4 tests is now back to 40 Watts to match AT3600. AT Editor dotNET has already been modified to allow 40W to be programmed as max limit.
WAIT - Resolved WAIT test resetting User Relays bug, when using WAIT with OUT

HPDC - false flagging on 0200 is some cases causing fail and 30 second test time.

22 AUG 2022

AT5600 Firmware v1.004.006 / User Manual v22

Updated Chinese translation in language options.
Corrected test list so ZBX now shows.

Improvements to self test to remove false failures from self test.

R - Improvement to R range selection and stability and accuracy at <0.1 ohm.
OUT - fixed bug whereby TR LVOC and PHAS tests caused the previous OUT test status to reset to “all off”.
MAGI - improved ranging method to get better performance at low mA.
MAGI - fixed bug causing some Status Errors (0020 , 0002) in some cases.
IR - fixed ranging bug where some tests reported slightly lower than expected..
Add new calibration tables for upcoming enhanced calibration system to improve calibration and accuracy across all tests at higher frequencies.

Please note : the ACVB DCVB ACRT and DCRT tests are now withdrawn.