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Cost-Effective Innovation And Quality

Our products provide an efficiency that surpasses conventional manual testing methods by tenfold.
This gives a return on investment in less than a year, even with modest testing quantities. This rapid ROI encompasses more than just financial savings.
Integrating Voltech into your testing gives you unparalleled levels of product quality and dependability, setting your products apart from the competition.
Adding the DC1000A also allows 100% test under real life large DC Bias current conditions for total assurance..

WHY AT5600 ?

Pioneering Automatic Transformer Testing on a Global Scale

For over two decades, Voltech has been the unrivaled leader in the field of automatic testing for transformers and inductors.
Our cutting-edge products have become the industry standard for production testing. Thousands of units are deployed worldwide.
With our extensive experience in transformer testing, we have evolved our technologies to enhance manufacturing efficiency and improve quality standards.
We have reduced test time and improved measurement accuracy, ensuring the best results for our valued customers.


 Magnetics: The Indispensable Backbone of Every Design

Magnetics are the "unsung heroes" of the electronics industry. They play a pivotal role in the production of nearly every manufactured product today.
From vital telecommunications and networking equipment to power supplies, aerospace electronics, and audio products, these components are essential.
At our company, we specialize in crafting products specifically designed to test a diverse range of transformer and inductor types.
Our goal is to ensure the reliability and performance of these foundational components, which serve as the bedrock of any successful design.


Empowering Productivity, Quality, and Reliability through Advanced Testing

In the dynamic landscape of the electronics industry, where cost reduction and enhanced reliability are paramount, Voltech stands at the forefront.
Our cutting-edge test solutions for transformers and inductors enable you to effectively navigate these industry pressures.
Irrespective of whether you are a magnetics manufacturer, OEM, or CEM, our aim is to assist you in boosting profitability within this competitive market.
With Voltech, you can embrace improved productivity, unwavering quality and reliability, gaining a competitive edge in today's demanding environment.




AT5600 Transformer Tester

Optimize your manufacturing and quality control

Complete one-station, rapid and accurate testing for your products gives you 100% quality and confidence.

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Latest News

Update: AT5600 Firmware

Update: AT5600 Firmware

10 jun 2024
Free Update. Improvements and enhancements.

Update : AT Editor

Update : AT Editor

22 May 2024
Free updated version of AT EDITOR software. New Feature - Auto Programming, and minor bug fixes



DC1000A 25A DC Bias Current Supply

Test, characterize, and control your transformer and inductor core saturation under real operating conditions.

Integrates with any LCR meter and our AT Testers.

DC (A) Ls (uH)



Fixtures, Connectors, and Custom Adapters


Reduce connection time.

Improve test repeatability.

Increase your productivity.

See our Fixtures, connectors and Custom Build Adapter solutions.

Test Fixtures And Leads

Test Fixtures And Leads

See our range of off-the-shelf fixtures and connectors.
Instant quotes + Free global shipping.


Kelvin Pin Fixture

Kelvin Pin Fixture

Explore Our 3d printed Kelvin blade fixtures for DIL transformers.
Instant quotes + Free global shipping.

Custom Fixture Designer

Custom Fixture Designer

Use our online gird designer to create customer fixtures.
Instant quotes + Free global shipping.