The World Leader In Automatic Wound Component Testing

Voltech products are the de-facto industry standard for production testing of transformers and inductors, with more than 20 years of experience in transformer testing and thousands of units deployed worldwide.
Our patented technologies have been continually refined to increase manufacturing efficiency and improve quality by reducing test time and increasing measurement accuracy.


Magnetics: the “unsung heroes” of every design

The electronics industry relies on magnetics as key components in almost every product manufactured today: from telecommunications equipment and networking devices, to power supplies, military and aerospace electronics, and audio products.
Our products are engineered to test the broad range of transformer and inductor types, over a comprehensive selection of test parameters, providing unprecedented levels of quality assurance surrounding components that are the bedrock of any design.


Enabling productivity, quality and reliability through testing

The electronics industry today is characterized by global trends towards lower cost and higher reliability.
Voltech’s world-leading transformer and inductor test solutions enable you to address those pressures.
Whether you’re a magnetics manufacturer, OEM or CEM, we help you to improve profitability by simultaneously reducing costs and increasing quality in today’s highly competitive environment.

WHY AT5600 ?

Cost-effective innovation and quality

Voltech products deliver ten times the efficiency of typical manual test strategies, with a payback time on your investment, even for modest test volumes, of less than one year.
That fast ROI doesn’t just mean cost savings. Using Voltech as part of your test strategy allows you to deliver levels of product quality and reliability that will make your products stand out and that differentiate you from the crowd.


AT5600 Transformer Tester

Optimize your manufacturing and quality control

Complete one-station, rapid and accurate testing for your products gives 100% quality confidence.

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Latest News And Updates

AT Server dotNET

28 Jul 2021 - V4.0.7759 - New Release.
Major new version of the AT Server with enhanced comms, new GUI and built in DB + reporting.

AT5600 Firmware Update

02 Jul 2021 - V1.003.052 - Free Update.
Various GUI fixes.
Improvements to IR, MAGI, VOC, and WATT tests.

DC1000 Sweep Software Update

25 May 2021 - V1.27 - Free Update.
Added support for Hikoi IM3536. Facelift and GUI tidy up.  Added Chinese language support

DC1000A 25A DC Bias Current Supply

Test, characterise, and control your transformer and inductor core saturation under real operating conditions.

Integrates with any LCR meter and our AT Testers.

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