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Are you already an AT3600 or ATi owner?

Let us help you move to the next level of testing.

Discover the improvements in the AT5600, and how we can help you upgrade to our new platform

Our AT3600 Wound Component Tester, which was launched in 1996, is used by many of our valued customers throughout the world.
Manufacture of this product stopped in 2013, and Repair Services stopped in 2020.

One of the reasons we discontinued manufacturing the AT3600 was the very real issue of obsolescence of many of the components designed into the product.
We have succeeded over the years since we stopped manufacturing in providing full repairs for the product but, sadly, we can no longer offer this.

We will continue Calibration and Verification on the AT3600 for as long as we possibly can into the foreseeable future.
However, this is a great opportunity for our many customers to transition to our current product the AT5600. 

AT5600 - More Speed, More Features, More Productivity

The AT5600 Transformer Tester delivers accuracy, speed and reliability without compromise.

Customers already familiar with the AT3600 and ATi will see immediate benefits, as the AT5600 delivers twice the test speed of the AT3600, without compromising accuracy.
And we’ve designed it to provide an easy upgrade path, with no change in software or fixturing and common test programs across platforms.


The AT5600 offers you at least twice the test speed of the AT3600 or ATi.
This gives you a direct improvement in your cost of test, and doubles your efficiency.

See below for real examples of this enhanced performance and what this means to your Return On Investment (ROI).


The AT5600 also contains exciting new features not available on the older AT36 / ATi.

Compensation Storage - Save more time with automatic storage and recall of open and short compensation.
Kelvin Pre Test Check - A fast automatic check of your test connections to confirm your test connections and saves more time by stopping false failures


The AT5600 also contains new advanced ways to deploy more focused test strategies

Audit Test - Automate periodic extra tests on a sample from a batch

Diagnostic Test - Run extra tests in the event of a failure

New AT TESTS to demo trial as they become available from our improvement road map.


Read our short guide containing advice and tips for existing AT3600 customers wishing to migrate to the AT5600

Regular free firmware updates as we improve and refine our test offering from customer feedback.
1 year warranty on all new units.
Free technical support when migrating from AT3600 to AT5600.


Try a quick online AT5600 demonstration to discover the speed and new improved interface for rapid selection and execution of programs.

This will show the similarities to the AT3600 environment and the improved usability.


Decrease Your Test Time - Increase Your Profitability

In today’s competitive market, the time to 100% test your output has a direct effect on the cost of manufacture, and hence end sell price.
Customers who have already deployed the AT3600 over traditional semi-manual test strategies have already seen the benefit that a one-test-station solution can provide.

From our years of experience in the market, we’ve improved our measurement techniques even further.
To demonstrate the benefit of upgrading to the AT5600, we’ve taken some typical customer test programs, and compared the execution speed with the AT3600. (click the Type Names for a web page detailing the testing)


Transformer Type (click for webpage) # Windings Tested Typical Test Program # Test In Program Hi Pot duration (sec) AT3600 Test Time (sec) AT5600 Test Time (sec) AT5600 % speed increase AT5600 % speed increase (without Hi-pot)
SMPS 4 R x 4 , TR x 4, LS, LSBX, LL, HPAC 12 1.1 8.51 4.01 212 % 255 %
Mains Toroid 4 R x 4, VOC x 4 , MAGI, IR, HPAC 10 1.1 8.87 4.02 221 % 267 %
Pulse 2 R x 2, LS, TR, C, LL , HPAC 7 1.1 3.68 1.77 208 % 385 %
Power Inductor 1 R, LS, LSBX 3 0 4.40 2.16 204 % 204 %
Power Over Ethernet 4 R x 4, LS, LL, TR x 2, HPAC 10 1.1 4.19 1.98 212 % 351 %
Audio 3 R x 4, TR x 2 , RLOS, ILOS, FREQ, LBAL x 3, HPAC 13 1.1 10.81 4.18 259 % 315 %

Return On Your Investment - Why speed of test is more than just saving time

The improvement on speed-of-test also makes the AT5600 an easy choice when labour cost is considered.
Please see the below worked example showing the cumulative effect of seemingly small time savings have.

Your return of investment could be quicker than you think.


AT36/ Ati Test Time


AT56 Test Time


AT56 saving


Quantity / Month


sec / month


sec / month

sec / month

CM Chokes 2,100 5.2 10,920 2.7 5,670 5,250
Audio / Telecoms 3,500 10.8 37,800 4.1 14,350 23,450
SMPS 4,500 8.5 38,250 4.0 18,000 20,250
E-Core Laminate 4,000 8.2 32,800 4.5 18,000 14,800








Time saving per month         63,750 seconds
Time Saving per month         17.71 hrs
Labour cost         $50.00 $ per hr
saving per month         $885.42 $ per month
Cost of AT5600         $23,000.00  
ROI in


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