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The following information will help you explore the scope of our test offering

This gives you best-practice advice, and highlights new features and tests as we develop and release them for our product range.

AT5600 Guides

Explore our quick start guides to learn about new test and programming features available only on the AT5600

AT3600 to AT5600 FAQ

What’s new? The AT5600 Transformer Tester delivers accuracy, speed and reliability without compromise.

dotNET AT Server

We have rewritten the AT Server program using the latest dotNET technology.
This gives a new flexible GUI, better comms speed, and a new built in MS LocalDB for quick results analysis.

Compensation Storage

New FREE feature for AT5600 users - Saves time whilst maintaining best measurements

Audit Test Option

New Feature - Automates periodic additional testing over a whole batch.

Real Life Test Examples

See our pages showing the AT5600 in action !
We've tested a variety of common transformer types. shown the tests needed to test the transformer, why these tests are used to guarantee quality and performance, and real life results to explore.