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Custom Fixture Designer

1. Grid Selection

First, select the grid size for your design, using the drop down below.
The grid size you select defines the minimum separation of items you can place on the grid.
This will typically be the pin pitch of your transformer.

For non-symmetrical spacing, the grid size should be the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD).
This is sometimes also called Highest Common Factor (HCF)

So for example,
A. row-row pitch is 12.50 mm
B. pin-pin pitch is 5.00 mm
Selecting a grid of 2.50 mm will give 5 cells for the row pitch and  2 Cells for the pin pitch.

Alternatively, you can use the form below to submit your datasheets and pictures and we can design the fixture for you.

Please upload your files here. You can select multiple files (Shift +Click) in the following windows dialog box.

Custom Fixture Designer

2 Place Connectors on Grid

Select the required connectors using the drop down list and then click in grid to place them.

Click any item again to remove them.

Once completed click NEXT to proceed to node wiring.

Custom Fixture Designer

3 Node Wiring

To define the wiring you would like, please drag the dot placed on each item to your chosen AT node.
Wiring can be moved by hovering over node and clicking + dragging to new node.

Alternatively you can click "auto wiring".
This will connect all pins to the nearest available node.

Then, please enter your own design name for your reference.

Finally, click Save + Next to finish.

Custom Fixture Designer

4 Finished Design + Price

Below is a summary of your design and a price for build.
You can request a formal email quotation to hold the prices for 90 days.
You can also recall +review this design (and any other designs you have already created) by navigating to "My Voltech Fixture System Designs"

Please use our grid selection tool to find the appropriate grid size for you.

Enter all your required dimensions separated by comma. e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4

Grid Size: {{ fxt.GridName }}, Each cell is a square of this size.

{{ d.PartNo }} - {{ d.Description }}

Foot print X = {{ fxt.RoundCells(fxt.Parts.FootPrintX) }} cells, Y = {{ fxt.RoundCells(fxt.Parts.FootPrintY)}} cells
Single click any item on the grid to remove it.

Grid Size: {{ fxt.GridName }}, Each cell is a square of this size.

{{ d.PartNo }} - {{ d.Description }}
Grid Size: {{ fxt.GridName }}, Each cell is a square of this size.

Quote details

Part Description Qty Unit Value
{{ fxt.getDesignParentData.PartNo }} {{ fxt.getDesignParentData.Description }} {{fxt.getDesignParentData.Qty}} {{fxt.getDesignParentData.BaseUnit | number: 2}} {{fxt.getDesignParentData.BaseVal | number: 2 }}
{{ d.Description }} {{ d.Qty}} {{ d.BaseUnit | number: 2}} {{ d.BaseVal | number: 2 }}
Shipping: {{ fxt.customerData.Symbol }}{{ fxt.ShipMethod.TotalCharge | number: 2 }}
Total: {{ fxt.customerData.Symbol }}{{ fxt.FxtDesignSum | number: 2 }}

Click to obtain an email quotation.
This will fix pricing for 30 days and allow you to order on-line at a later date.


If you do not wish to order now, you can log in to the website and return to "My Fixture Designs" at any time.
Here you can review designs you have created, get a quote or place an order at a later time.

If you would like a formal quotation with shipping costs, and in your own currency, then please register and log in to the website 

If you would like to save this design for recall later, after you have registered and logged in please enter your email