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AT Editor Auto-Programming

New dotNET AT Editor feature - Rapid Test Program Creation

Free Simple Auto Programming function creates program in seconds !

Discover Auto-Programming: Revolutionize Your Testing with Ease

Introducing the all-new Auto Programming function in the AT Editor.
Whether you're a new or experienced user, this feature enables you to swiftly create and run comprehensive test programs with minimal effort.

Perfect for New and Existing Users Alike

Auto Programming is designed to help newcomers who are not yet familiar with the AT Editor or AT5600.
But it doesn't stop there—it also offers tremendous value to our seasoned customers by streamlining their testing process.

Effortless Test Program Creation

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually populating test programs.
Auto Programming quickly fills your test program with most of the necessary tests, tailored specifically to your actual transformer.
For instance, it automatically generates resistance tests for every winding on your schematic, setting nominal values and limits based on real measurements of your sample transformer.
This is especially beneficial for more complex schematics, saving you significant time and effort.

Customize and Save with Ease

Once the Auto Programming function completes the initial setup, you can easily save the program or further refine it to include additional tests that cater to your specific needs.
Experience the future of transformer testing with the AT Editor's Auto Programming feature. Make your testing process faster, easier, and more efficient today!

How Does Auto-programming work?

1 Select type

First Select the Transformer type you wish to program using the drop-down menu.
A brief description of the tests to be programmed will be shown.

 2 Draw Schematic

Next follow the prompts to draw the schematic of your transformer.

3 Select Input terminals

Depending on the type you have selected, some quick prompts will ask you to define the primary winding, and optionally to enter the voltage and frequency to energize.

4  Auto Programming

The software will perform a series of automatic measurements, then populate a relevant series of tests for the type you selected,, and then allow you to save and run the program created.

5 Finished Program

You can then edit or amend the program, to narrow or widen Pass/ Fail limits, or to add additional tests you may want to deploy.

How do I Use Auto Programming ?

This feature is fee to all uses in Version 4.2.8901 or later.

From the top menu, select Program > Auto Programming to start the process.

A guide window will then open, and step you through the simple process.

You will need your AT5600, and the part you wish to program, as well as a suitable fixture to connect the transformer..

This window is floating so will remain open during the whole process to guide you.


Please note :

The dotNET Editor still supports creation or editing of programs for the legacy AT3600 and ATI testers, but the Auto Programming feature is not available for these models.
ATP Programs created using Auto-programming (with the AT5600) will still be able to be run on these older models, providing the instruments have the same test options enabled that are used in the ATP test program.