DC1000 Sweep Software + Using Multiple DC1000 Units

Automate Your R+D Testing With Free Software. Scale up your DC Current Capacity When You Need To

Free Sweep Software

Automates Multiple Measurements of Inductance over DC Bias Current

This quick 2 minute video below demonstrates the new DC1000A Sweep Software with 3 x DC1000A, to provide up to 60 A of DC bias, working with a Keysight E4980AL.
It shows the real time measurement of Ls inductance (and R, X and Q) under DC Bias, as the Sweep Software controls both the DC1000A and the LCR meter.
With the software, you can set your desired V and F, DC Bias sweep range, and how many measurements (steps) the LCR meter should record.
The software then controls the DC1000A DC Bias supply, records all LCR results, and graphs and saves them for you.

Supports the following LCR meters

HP / AGILENT - 4284A - (GPIB)
KEYSIGHT - E4980A / E4980AL-102 / E4980AL-052 / E4980AL-032 - (GPIB or USB)
TONGHUI - TH2830 / TH2831 / TH2832  - (USB)
HIOKI - IM3536 (USB)
Additional LCR manufacturers models will be added in future.

The software requires NI VISA, which is installed automatically as part of the install process. GPIB / IEEE comms requires National Instruments GPIB adaptors.

Using multiple DC1000A DC Current supplies

Stackable - Easily Increase Test current up to 250 A DC

Each DC1000A can provide 0-25 Amps DC bias to check the saturation performance of the core material. This can be further extended by using multiple units in parallel with your unit under test.

Instantly Add Extra Test Scope When You Need It!

This works if you are an AT customer and wish to control multiple units via the AT test program, or if you wish to use multiple DC1000A's with your own LCR meter manually or with the DC Sweep Software.

Stacking the units is simple – by connecting the comms on each unit, one becomes the master and controls the other slave units. Connecting 2 units together would give you the ability to generate 50 Amps, 3 units to give 75 amps and so on.

Any Questions ?

Please use the below form to ask any questions you may have on using the DC1000A + software to test your transformers, inductors and chokes to guarantee your quality at your design stage