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DC1000A 25A DC Current Bias Supply

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Key Specifications

DC Bias Current Output Current 0 to 25 Amps DC in 10 mA steps.
  Current when stacked 250 Amps DC with 10 x DC1000A
DC Bias Current Output Accuracy of DC Current ±0.5% of reading ±25 mA.
  Compliance voltage 5 Volts
  Effect on the LCR measurement Typically <10uA per Volt, for 20 Hz-10 MHz LCR conditions. See User Manual for full error specification
Environmental Specifications Temperature +5°to + 40°C operating
  Humidity 10% to 80% RH non-condensing
  Power Supply to Case 2.9 kV DC for 1 minute
  Power Requirement 100-125 V / 200-250 V AC 48-65 Hz. 400 VA Max.
  Fuse 3.15 AT
Mechanical H x W x L 88 mm x 475 mm x 255 mm
  Weight 10 kg
  Mounting Bench or 19" Rack mounting
Interfaces RS232 Remote control
  Safety Interlock Connection to operator safety system if required. Override plug Supplied.
Protection Open circuit Warning LED.
  Over temperature Auto-Shutdown and warning
  Back -EMF (over voltage) protects DC1000A and LCR meter
  Variable Speed Cooling Fan  


Any Questions ?

Please use the below form to ask any questions you may have on using the DC1000A to test your transformers, inductors and chokes to guarantee your quality at design stage or in on-going manufacturing.

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