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The NEW dotNET AT Server

New dotNET AT Server ;  Enhancements to data storage, results trend analysis and speed of comms

Built in report database, improved display options, faster Ethernet comms, configurable file names and more...

The AT SERVER dotNET is a complete rewrite of the AT SERVER program and free for all AT users.

This has allowed us to take advantage of native MS libraries for communications, to improve the Ethernet functionality on the AT5600, to improve the GUI interface and to also implement a free built in MS LocalDB for easy results review.

The new version still supports the AT3600 and ATi as well as the AT5600.

As before, multiple units, of different models, using RS232 or Ethernet, can be connected simultaneously to one AT Server.
Or if you prefer, several AT SERVER programs can be run on separate PCs, but still using the same central programs storage folder, central results storage folder and one central database store.

Whats new?

Built-In LocalDB And Powerful Reporting

The AT SERVER now also comes free with a built-in Microsoft LocalDB database.
LocalDB is a minimal, on-demand, lite version of SQL Server that is used as an embedded database.

This saves a copy of all your results locally on the PC to a secure database.

You can then use the free built-in reporting function to quickly analyze data, without any need for any expertise in databases.

This gives you an instant overview to Mean, Standard deviation, Min and Max results across a selected date or batch range in seconds. You can then dig deeper into specific test results for closer analysis.

Whats New ?

Results / Interface

Enhanced results display, and batch statistics is now free for all users, whereas before it was a purchased option.

Customizable file names for CSV results, allowing for easier identification of results files.
File names can now be
All results now as native CSV Excel files for ease of use

Results columns and positions are now configurable to allow you flexibility in the results displayed.

Font size is changeable to make results easier to see on screen.

Whats New ?

Database Connectivity

Connection to your own external MS SQL/ MS ACCESS database is now a free feature of the AT SERVER for all users., whereas as before it was a purchased option.

This still uses exactly the same DB schema as before, so is identical for existing users with their own database integration already in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the program *.ATP test program files are independent of the server.
The server simply transfers them to the AT tester on demand from your central program store.
Similarly the test results sent back from the testers are transferred to your CSV folder store or database.

Yes, as before multiple AT units (AT36, AT56 or Ati) can be connected to one server (or several AT Servers if you wish)
Legacy users can then take advantage of the built in DB, reports and GUI improvements for free.

No, This has not been supported since Microsoft deprecated support for it, so is only available on V3.26 of the old legacy AT Server. The two legacy versions (V3.26 + V3.40) are still available on the downloads page, but will no longer be updated going forward so will not have any new features or new tests added.

Yes, This is still supported and is free for all users. There is no registration or keycode required.

Yes, you can.
You do not have to update all the AT Servers at once, and you may wish to trial the new version before rolling it out company wide.

CSV / ATR results files
As you may be using the same central folder for results files, remember that the file names created by the dotNET Server are different, improved (and customisable)
DotNET Server = “SN1018_20200722104236_MyPartNumber.CSV”
Legacy AT Server = “C173220720.ATR”

SQL/Access database
If you are using an external database then both old and new dotNET Servers can be connected to the same database and simultaneously write results.

Yes, both can be installed on a  windows PC at the same time, without conflict, as they are totally independent programs.