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DC1000 Support Home Page

Checking your DC1000 operation

Basic DC1000 functional checks.
If you are experiencing any issues with your DC1000, then the following checks provide a quick test of the units basic operation.

If the above checks have shown the DC1000A to be faulty then please see our service page to explore services available and to book a repair with us.
Please note - we can repair faulty DC1000A's (Serials DAxx/xxxx). We can no longer repair the original DC1000 (Serials DCxx/xxxx)

Quick Start Guides

Please see the following guides to get up and running quickly with the DC1000 and your LCR meter.

DC1000 + Generic LCR Meter
General advice for set up and operation with most commonly available LCR meters

DC1000 + Keysight E4980AL LCR
Specific advice for using the DC1000 with the popular Keysight E4980AL LCR meter

DC1000 + Agilent HP4284A
Specific advice for using the DC1000 with the HP / Agilent HP4284A LCR meter

Using Multiple DC1000s with an LCR meter
You can easily parallel multiple DC1000s to extend your Bias Current capability.

DC1000 Automatic Sweep Software

DC1000 Sweep software demo video
See our free software demo video showing 3 DCs and the E4980AL LCR meter

Sweep Software
A guide to using the DC sweep software

DC Sweep Software + Release notes
Get the free software form our Downloads page and see an overview of recent changes to the free software.

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