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Audit Testing with the AT5600

New Feature - Automates Periodic Additional Testing Over A Whole Batch

Periodically invoke extra tests to automate batch audits in greater detail

Voltech’s AT5600 wound component tester features an audit test function that allows you combine the speed and productivity you need in your manufacturing operation with enhanced levels of quality assurance.

The audit test feature performs an extended range of tests on a programmed percentage of the production run, without interrupting the manufacturing flow.
Applying more stringent tests to a sample of your total production run offers you total visibility of materials and component quality, and the performance of your assembly operation. You can choose from any combination of tests installed on your AT5600, and any frequency of testing from “every other test” to “one in every 999”.

Why should I use Audit Tests ?

The AT5600 already provides an integrated and fast environment for testing any wound component, and can automatically store the results for trend analysis and standard deviation checking. However, in many cases a manufacturing system may require an additional audit procedure that sample checks parameters outside the already defined test program. Typical use cases include:

A) Some standards permit fast testing of components at higher-than-rated voltage: for example UL1411 deems Hi pot testing at 2.7kV for 1 second to be equivalent to 1.2kV for 60 seconds. The audit test function allows periodic sample testing at the lower voltage and longer test time, to provide empirical proof of this assumption

B) A universal mains input transformer designed for 240 V/50 Hz and 110 V/60 Hz operation would typically be production-tested at 240 V. Audit tests would permit sample testing of the performance of the cores at 110 V, and transformer response at 60 Hz

C) Subjecting one in every 100 units to an audit test of magnetizing current across a spread of frequencies might be used to check that the core material is consistent across a batch

AT56 audit
AT56 audit

How do I program audit tests?

The latest version of the AT EDITOR software (V3.44.00 and above) allows you to specify any sequence of tests as Audit Tests.
These can then be run at the frequency of your own choosing.



Specify your “General Tests” to be executed each time in the normal way.



Click on the “Audit Tests” tab, and add your optional “Audit Tests” in a similar way.



Finally, under “Program > Options” Specify how often you would like your Audit Tests performed.

Will the Audit Test Feature work on my AT3600 / ATi tester?

AT3600 and ATi
AT3600 and ATi

The periodic additional testing provided by the Audit Test Feature is available only on the AT5600. It is not offered by the AT3600 or ATi.

However, you can still use test programs developed for the AT5600 with previous generation Voltech equipment. The main test program will run on the older testers, and the Audit Tests will simply be ignored.

This common programming approach simplifies test program generation and maintenance, and makes it easy to build test environments that contain any mix of AT5600, AT3600 or ATi testers.

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