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Voltech UK

Voltech Instruments Limited,
Office 111,
Boston House Business Centre,
Grove Business Park,
Downsview Road,
OX12 9FF,

Sales and Application Support
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 861173

Service : Calibration and Repair
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 861173

Registered in England : Reg # 2007598
VAT Reg - GB 479 221 822
EROI #   - GB 479 221 822 000

Who We Are, And A History of Voltech

Voltech Instruments is the market leader in the provision of test and measurement solutions for the worldwide power electronics industry.
For over 20 years our engineers have been using proven technology to design innovative products that provide trustworthy and easy-to-use measurement solution.
Voltech designs and manufactures a complete range of wound component testers that cater to every power electronics design and test need.
From the first digital power analyzer produced over 20 years ago, to the next generation of automatic transformer testers, Voltech is committed to providing practical solutions that help our customers design and test better products, faster.

1986 Recognising a need in the power electronic industry for digital power measurement solutions, Voltech was founded in 1986

1987 Launched the world's first commercially available digital power analyser, the PM1000.

1989 Produced the world's first digital three-phase power analyser, the PM3000.

1991 AT3500 The world's first self-contained automatic transformer tester.

1993 First power analyser to use Digital Signal Processing (D.S.P.) technology, the PM3000A awarded the Queen's Award for Export achievement.

1993 AT1000 transformer tester released.

1995 Produced two low cost power analysers, the PM100 and PM300.

1996 Opened new facilities in the US to provide sales and service support second generation transformer tester launched, the AT3600.

2001 Released the ATi transformer tester / L.C.R. meter.

2004 Developed the industry-first multi-phase power analyser the PM6000.

2006 Opened new facility in Nantong, China.

2007 Next generation, single-phase low cost power analyser released, the PM1000+.

2010 Remains the global leader in power analysers and transformer testers, with offices in Europe, China and the US.

2013 Voltech enters IP agreement with Tektronix. Voltech now focused on Transformer testing market.

2016 DC1000A updated and launched to improve accuracy

2017 AT5600 next generation transformer tester launched

Far East Sales And Service Partners

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Nantong BlueBay Electronic Co. Ltd

Nantong BlueBay Electronic Co. Ltd is Voltech Instruments authorised sales distributor and service centre in China.
It was founded by key engineer of Voltech (Nantong), who served Voltech as service and application engineer over 6 years.
BBE uses same standard procedures and equipment as Voltech Instruments to provide top quality service and application support.


Contact Information

Contact Information
Nantong BlueBay Electronic Co., Ltd
5-306, No 388 of Yonghe Rd, Gangzha district, Nantong City, China
Post code: 226011
Sales Service Support:


TSJ Corporation

Contact Information

Nobuaki Arai
Tel +81-3 -5717-6130

Condo Tamagawadai
2-28-5 Tamagawadai

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