Test Core Saturation on Inductors, Chokes, Transformers

Quickly Deploy the DC1000A DC Current Bias Supply with your LCR meter for enhanced test coverage

Compatible with any LCR meter, including Agilent, Keysight, Wayne Kerr, Tonghui, Hioki and Chroma

If you are in development, and need to understand DC Bias current saturation response at the design stage , or testing in production need to confirm and maintain quality of output, then the patent pending DC1000A gives you test under real life conditions.

The Unique DC1000A gives you

- Best accuracy DC current and LCR measurement
- Fast set up. Easy to connect and operate - be up and running in minutes
- Manual or remote programming - 0-25 Amps Current, Stackable to 250 Amps DC
- Rapid measurement of your BH saturation curve response
- Ideal for testing Inductance or Impedance on any Magnetics - Toroids, Ferrites, Chokes, Iron Core, SMPS...
- Compatibility with any LCR meter including Agilent 4284A, Keysight E4980AL, Wayne Kerr 3255, 3260, Chroma 11021, 11022, 1061, 1062, 1075, Tonghui TH2830, TH 2831, TH2832, Hioki M3536 

See Right - DC1A performing sweep as Keysight E4980AL measures Ls

Test Example - Inductor DC Bias Sweep using Keysight LCR

In this example, we have tested a Murata inductor for saturation.
(P/N 1430430C - Inductor, 300 µH, 3 A, 0.14 ohm, ± 10%).

The saturation measurements were performed using a Keysight E4980AL LCR meter to record the series inductance (at 1 kHz, 0.1 V AC),  as we apply a varying DC Bias current provided by the DC1000A. (0-10A in 0.5 Amp steps)
An earth lead was used to connect the LCR and DC for best noise reduction (see picture) and the DC and LCR were both connected across the inductor (see below)

The results were recorded and plotted.

We can see that the inductance holds up well under DC bias current, and does not saturate until above the published specified 3 Amps, and in fact only exceeds spec at around 5 Amps

results of DC Amps sweep showing core response
results of DC Amps sweep showing core response

Any Questions ?

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