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AT5600 Firmware Upgrade

Get the latest features and optimum performance for your tester.

Firmware is free to download, and regularly updated with new features, and improvements based on customer feedback

AT5600 - Firmware Upgrade Walkthrough

Walk-through of the AT5600 firmware upgrade process using the AT EDITOR software and a Direct USB connection from PC to USB-B port on the AT5600.

This video contains no sound.
Video can be made full screen for ease of viewing by using the square icon in bottom right of video.

1 Only attempt FW upgrade using DIRECT USB (PC) to USB-B (front right of AT5600).
Never attempt using RS232 or RS232-USB adapter to AUX port.
This requires the AT5600 USB DRIVERS to be installed.
See also the Editor-USB Quick Start Guide.

2 Disconnect any AT5600 Ethernet connection before upgrading.

3 During upgrade the screen will go black - this is normal. Leave the process for the full 15+ mins. The progress bar on the Editor will guide you as to the upgrade time remaining.

4 If the upgrade fails for any reason, the unit may show an permanent orange or blue screen. If this happens then please reboot unit and retry the download using the same method. The unit contains permanent boot code that will always allow a firmware upgrade, even if existing firmware has corrupted..