AC Interface Fixture

Add Extra Testing Power to the AT Series for your Higher Voltage and Higher Power products

Extend Your Test Capability To 600 Volts / 10 Amps RMS

Voltech’s AT-Series transformer testers can perform ALL of the tests required for multiple applications on any magnetic component type: including built in Class D AC tests (VOC,MAGI, WATT, STRW) , which allow line voltage transformers to be tested under real conditions at up to 270V, 40 W and 20-1500 Hz.

We provide a range of fixtures and accessories to help you integrate your AT-Series tester efficiently and effectively into your production line and to take advantage of its automation features to minimize operator intervention and increase throughput.

The Voltech AC Interface is a key part of that range of products, extending the range of AC testing to 600V, 6 kW and 10A, at up to 5 kHz.
These are programmed by using 4 extra test options. (VOCX, MAGX, WATX, STRX)

The Voltech AC Interface

The AT-Series gives you an unique combination of low and high voltage testing of many types of transformer. However, in some cases a product - particularly a power transformer - may require testing at higher voltage or power levels.
The Voltech AC Interface is designed to enable such testing.

The AC Interface is a versatile accessory for the AT-Series transformer testers, designed to use either an external step-up transformer or an external AC source, when your required test voltage and power levels are beyond the capacity of the tester’s internal generator. (1-270 V, 20-1500 Hz 40 W)

The interface communicates with the AT-Series tester (AT3600 or AT5600 only) to execute these extra tests in a single sequence without operator intervention. Control of the external source is fully automatic, ensuring that all tests maintain the same control, accuracy and test integration that would be expected if the tests were using the on board AT sources that are internal to the tester.

The Interface fits directly into the extended fixture bay of the AT-Series and provides all the necessary connection terminals, control circuits, safety switching and digital communication required to bring power transformers into the AT testing environment

AT5600 with AC Interface in rear bay

How Do I Use The AC INTERFACE With My AT Series Tester?

Setting up and using the Voltech AC Interface is a simple three-step process: just choose your supply method, connect the AC Interface, and add the tests you need to your existing sequence using the AT Editor



Choose your supply method.
Either step-up transformer (shown) or power amplifier



Connect the AC Interface output to the winding you wish to test, directly or via your fixturing as shown



Add the additional tests (MAGX, VOCX, WATX, STRX) available to you in your normal test sequence

Example ATP test program

Please use the button to the right to see an example program using an amplifier to extend the testing scope.
The program contains the following  tests..
 - R x 3 - DC resistance on each winding.
Then the AC Interface X tests are used ;
MAGX - magnetizing current on primary @ 450 V AC @ 60 Hz.
 - VOCX x 2 - measure both secondaries with primary energized to 450 V, AC @ 60 Hz.
 - WATX - measure the power consumption with the primary energized to 450 V AC @ 60 Hz
 - STRX - test wingding strength and stability @ 450 V AC 400 Hz for 5 seconds.
Finally, IR and HIPOT AC tests are used to check the isolation and safety.



Test Description

User-entered test data AR
    Measurement range Test signal Test frequency  
MAGX Magnetising current 50 mA to 10 A 5V to 600V 20 Hz to 5 kHz 0.1%
VOCX Open-circuit voltage 100 mV to 650 V 1V to 600V 20 Hz to 5 kHz 0.1%
WATX Wattage 100 mW to 6 kW 5V to 600V 20 Hz to 5 kHz 1%
STRX Stress wattage 100 mW to 6 kW 5V to 600V 20 Hz to 5 kHz 1%


Ordering information

• AC Interface Fixture - AC Interface fixture for external step-up transformer or AC source
• AT TEST “MAGX” - Magnetising current test (external source)
• AT TEST “VOCX” - Open circuit voltage test (external source)
• AT TEST “WATX” - Wattage test (external source)
• AT TEST “STRX” - Stress wattage test (external source)

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Each AC Interface purchase is supplied with all four “X” tests free of charge on one AT-Series tester of your choice (simple firmware download to enable).
For portability, additional “X” tests can be purchased for additional AT units

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