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New WAIT Feature Gives You Even More Flexibility of Test

Easily Invoke a fixed time or indefinite duration pause in testing

New AT5600 Test Option

What is the Wait Test?

You can deploy the new  WAIT test in two main ways to give you greater control over the timing of the test program execution. These are;

1, Fixed Duration - Introduce a fixed time delay in testing
2, Wait For User   - Halt all testing, allowing user to to make adjustments, then resume when requested.

1, Fixed Duration Delay

This allows you to add a fixed duration pause during a test program. 

Example use cases 

  1. To allow time for the UUT to demagnetise after a high voltage or high bias test before proceeding with the rest of the tests in a  program.
  2. To allow a fixed time for external apparatus (eg your own external hydraulic or pneumatic systems) to operate.
  3. To allow any relays operated by an OUT (User Port)  test to settle and stabilize, if you find that the speed of execution is too rapid to allow for such devices to settle into their switched state.

The programmed delay can be 1 milli Second  to 60 Seconds

Once the requested time has elapsed the program test sequence is automatically resumed. 

During the delay time the interlock is still active and a break to the interlock will result in a controlled program halt as normal..

the WAIT test with a 1 second delay, inserted into program and then executed
the WAIT test with a 1 second delay, inserted into program and then executed

2, Wait For User

This gives you the option of an infinite wait to the program sequence to allow the operator to make any changes to wiring or configuration before allowing the program to resume execution.

Example use cases 

  1. To allow the operator to add (or then later to remove) a load resistor or other component from the UUT
  2. To allow any change to wiring configuration, either manually or by switches to be implemented manually. 

This mode allows users to 

  1. Implement a semi-automatic switching process where the volume of parts being tested may not make it cost effective to build a fully automatic switching fixture using the OUT test
  2. Perform proof-of-concept testing on small volume prototype batches before financially committing to a fixture using the OUT test to switch relays.

In this case the AT5600 interlock is deactivated once all signals are confirmed to be OFF, to then allow the user to touch the UUT to make amendments to the UUT. 

Once the user presses RUN to continue, the interlock is re-enabled to ensure user safety, and the test program is resumed. 

Most importantly, this allows you to make configuration changes during a test program so that the full test sequence is still recorded as one set of results.

Front panel during indefinite WAIT test
Front panel during indefinite WAIT test

Can I try the WAIT test first ?

YES - you can !
To try the new test for yourself, you will need the following;

- An AT5600 with Firmware V 1.003.070 or later installed
- The new dotNET AT Editor to program the tests (or to add them to your existing programs)
- The new dotNET AT Server to collect results
(you can use just the dotNET AT Editor for testing and experimenting with the WAIT test, but for collection of data with the WAIT test in it, then the dotNET Server must be used.)
- A demo key code from us to enable the WAIT test for 30 days

If you would like to demo this new feature yourself, please use the form to the right and we will send you a demo keycode to enable the test on your unit for 30 days.

30 day WAIT trial using a demo keycode
30 day WAIT trial using a demo keycode

How do I buy the WAIT test option?

Get a quick online quote for the AT5600 WAIT test (or any of the other test options) here.
Once purchased, tests are enabled by keycode so you can be using the new test in seconds.
Please note that the WAIT test is not included in the AT5600 Standard or Gold packages.

Can the WAIT test be used with that AT3600 / ATI?

The WAIT test is not supported on the discontinued AT3600 or ATi.
Any programs' using this test option in the test program list will not downland or run on the AT36/ATi