DC Bias Testing Made Simple

To guarantee the quality and performance of inductive components, they are always best tested under real-life conditions

The DC1000A gives you a flexible test solution for both research and development, and outgoing product test

If an inductor is designed to carry a DC current, then the AC inductance must be measured with this DC Bias current applied.
This then confirms that the core does not saturate under these bias currents, and gives the designed inductance over its operating range.
Until now, these measurements were made by an LCR meter connected via special interfacing to a DC bias supply available only from the manufacturer of the LCR.
The unique DC1000A can be used with any precision LCR meter and connects simply into your existing test fixturing.
It can also be easily integrated with our AT Automatic Transformer Testers for fully comprehensive quality control.
Multiple units can be stacked in parallel to broaden the current range even further.

The Versatile DC1000A

The only DC Bias Source that works with any precision LCR meter
Simple connection to LCR meter - Easy to add to any existing setup
Integrates with Voltech AT5600, AT3600 and ATi Testers
250 DC Amps capability with 10 DC1000As in parallel
Free Sweep Software to simplify automation and data collection to quickly see BH saturation curve
Small current error, hence no effect on LCR measurements (Ls, Lp, Q, DCR etc.)
Precise control of the low-noise DC current via the front panel / RS232
Fully protected - Protects the User, UUT and LCR against back EMF


DC1000A 25A DC Bias Supply
DC1000A 25A DC Bias Supply
DC (A) Ls (uH)

Works with Any LCR Meter

The DC1000A Bias Source works in harmony with any LCR meter, including Agilent / Keysight, WK, Tonghui and Chroma, Hioki models
Simple connection to an LCR meter, and easy to add to any existing test setup

Integrates with Voltech AT5600, AT3600 and ATi Testers

Add DC Bias testing to your existing AT56/AT36/ATi station for a total solution.
The versatile DC1000 can be moved from one test station to another in minutes. Total test solution for ferrites, toroids, inductors and more...

Free Software Simplifies Automation

See the software video demo.

Stackable to 250 Amps

Find out how to use multiple DC1000s for enhanced test coverage. 

Deploy in Development or Production

Simplifies the understanding of core saturation characteristics of your BH curve during development design.
Find out why measuring inductance in the presence of DC BIAS current is not simple and how the DC1000 solves this problem.

Quotes, Specification and Information

Obtain instant on-line quotes to your email.
Smallest error in the LCR measurement of any DC Bias Source for confidence in the test results. Precise control of the low-noise DC current via the front panel or over RS232. Fully protected against inductor back-EMF and over compliance.

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