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The AT5600: What’s new?

The AT5600 Transformer Tester delivers accuracy, speed and reliability without compromise

Building on Voltech’s 30 years of experience in the field of transformer testing, the AT5600 is an evolution of, and fully compatible with, our AT3600, the industry’s most deployed magnetics component tester

Users upgrading from the field-proven AT3600 and ATi solutions will see immediate benefits.
The AT5600 delivers twice the test speed of the AT3600, without compromising accuracy.

Also new to the AT5600 is Ethernet and USB connectivity, while still retaining RS232 connectivity for compatibility with your existing installations.
And we’ve designed it to provide an easy upgrade path, with no change in fixturing and common test programs across platforms.
This page provides existing Voltech users with an overview of some of the key improvements and changes we have made, to ensure you get the most from your investment in the AT5600, and allow you to test transformers as quickly and simply as possible.

AT5600 with Custom SMPS fixture and AC Interface
AT5600 with Custom SMPS fixture and AC Interface


Yes, the AT5600 has been designed to use the same 20-node, true-Kelvin fixturing system as the AT3600 and ATi, so any existing fixtures will work without modification.

The AT5600 also maintains the rear bay area for the AC Interface fixture (see pic).
This allows you to extend test capability to 600V, 10A and is also directly compatible with the AT3600.
The AT5600 rear panel contains the same 15-way Peripheral Interface Port for use with AC Interface fixtures.

Customers who use the AT3600 or ATi User Port to provide relay switching during test are also supported. The 9-way User Port is now located on the rear of the AT5600, as is the 4mm Earth socket.


Yes, Any existing AT3600 or ATi test program (*.ATP) can be run on the AT5600. The AT5600 uses the same test format and AT Editor software to author test programs

As with moving programs between different AT3600s, you will also have to be sure that your AT5600 has the relevant test options enabled.
Test programs that use features – like diagnostic or audit testing – that are unique to the AT5600 can still be run on the AT3600 or ATi: the unsupported tests will simply be skipped.

Existing AT3600 or ATi users will need to upgrade both the AT Editor and AT Server software to allow them to communicate with the AT5600. The relevant updates can be obtained for free from the downloads page of our website. The new versions of the AT Editor and AT Server software will also continue to support the AT3600 and ATi.

The new versions require Microsoft Windows 7 or above (32-bit or 64-bit). Older versions of the software (for Windows 98 and above) will continue to be available on our website, but these do not support the AT5600.



You will need to install version V3.53 (or higher) to allow communication with the AT5600 over traditional serial RS232 ports and USB.
The AT Server and AT Editor software is free for all users.

For USB you will need to download and install the AT5600 USB drivers, also free from the downloads page.

The new software version is also required if you wish to use the audit and diagnostic test options on the AT5600.
Please un-install any previous versions before installing.
Check after install that your Windows Firewall is not blocking editor.exe





You will need to install version V3.40 (or higher).
This will allow communication with the AT5600 over RS232 or Ethernet
The AT Server and AT Editor software is free for all users.

This upgrade to the AT Server also allows Ethernet communication between the AT5600 and the AT Server. This will enable control of, and results collection from, multiple AT Series testers via a single AT Server instance, irrespective of the physical mode of communication.

Specifically, the same Server can simultaneously communicate with multiple AT5600s using Ethernet or RS232, and multiple AT3600/ATi testers relying on RS232.
Please uninstall any previous versions before installing.

Check after install that your Windows Firewall is not blocking server.exe



IMPORTANT : Update for AC Interface or DC1000 Users

The DC1000 or AC INTERFACE can be easily integrated with the AT series testers to extend your test capability, combined with the wide range of tests already provided by the AT Series.
If you are integrating the DC1000 tests (LSBX, LPBX, ZBX) or AC Interface tests (MAGX VOCX, WATX, STRX) with any of the high voltage AT tests (IR, HPAC, HPDC, DCRT, ACRT, DCVB & ACVB), it is important that the AC IF or DC1000 is ONLY connected to nodes used as the LO terminals in these later high voltage tests.
This will keep the AC IF or DC1000 at LO potential, and hence prevent damage to the AC IF or DC1000.
The new AT Editor will check for this in the ATP test program and warn you if you are attempting to break this rule.
The old legacy AT Editor did not give this warning, but it is still a valid rule and best practice for the AT3600 and AT5600.


Yes, as with the AT3600 and ATi, firmware updates will be periodically available on our website and will be free to download and install, giving you easy access to improvements in performance and new features as we release them.

Users of existing AT Series products will find the update process familiar: it is performed using the AT Editor software and takes around 15 minutes over USB.
Free firmware upgrades do not change the enabled test options on your unit.

Download Firmware
Download Firmware
Customize Tester
Customize Tester


Yes, you can extend the test capabilities of your AT5600 by purchasing more test options at any time.

Adding test functions to your AT5600 couldn’t be easier – unlike customising the AT3600, there’s now no need to download and install a full, customised firmware update.
By entering a secure key-code, unique to your tester, via the AT Editor Software, new test options can be instantly enabled.
This can be to enable tests permanently after purchase, or for a 30 day trial of news test options that you would like to demo.

Are There Other New Features On The AT5600 ?

The AT5600 includes audit and diagnostic testing capabilities that significantly improve your quality control processes.
It also features enhanced DC bias capabilities.



Audit testing allows you to perform an extended range of tests on a programmed percentage of your production run, without interrupting the manufacturing flow. You can therefore gather extra sample data without incurring extra management time or additional test time.



Diagnostic testing or “test on fail” designates a set of additional tests to be run only if the main test program fails. For example if testing multiple transformers at once, and one transformer fails testing, the diagnostic function can determine which of the multiple transformers has failed



The AT5600 allows up to 1 Amp of DC bias to be applied during inductance or impedance (LSB, LPB and ZB) measurements – more than double the capability of the AT3600 (0.4 A DC). Integration with our DC1000 external bias unit extends this further to 25A per DC1000, up to 250 DC Amps.

Are There Any Differences Between AT5600 and AT3600 ?

The below will give you a quick overview of any major changes you may come across when setting up and running your AT5600 for the first time.

At5600 results display
At5600 results display


One subtle but important change from the AT3600 to the AT5600 is the interpretation of the “Status codes”.
Most commonly these are used to indicate tests where the requested voltage or current levels could not be reached under stable conditions.
For example “0020” indicates “The test signal could not be trimmed to required value; incorrect test parameters for the load.”

On the AT3600 If, due to mismatched load and signal, the desired signal is not reached the AT3600 will report an error code. However it will STILL PASS if the measured parameter is within your set limits.

With the AT5600 the unit will FAIL if the status error code is flagged, I.e. if desired signals not reached, even if the measured parameter is STILL a “PASS”

From feedback we found that customers wanted positive confirmation that the requested signal signals in the program were achieved, like an LCR with ALC (auto level control). 

For legacy customers, this can be disabled in the AT5600 (to make behavior like the AT3600) by setting it in the AT test program options,
See user manual 14.5.1.”Disable test failures due to ALC error”

SURGE test waveform
SURGE test waveform


Updated Electronics for DC SURGE testing.
The AT5600 has a improved redesigned SURGE Generator to detect winding weakness, and help you guarantee quality.
The SURGE test measures the characteristic oscillation between your item under test, and the discharge capacitors in the AT. As the AT5600 uses newer improved capacitors the measurement, only in some cases, can be slightly different to the AT3600.
In the rare event that you do see a large difference between AT36+ AT56, we have implemented the following.

SURGE Load compensation
The AT5600 has been enhanced with an optional Load Compensation on the SURGE test. (it’s also available for LL Leakage inductance).
Like Load Compensation common on many other LCR meters, this allows you to program a nominal value into the test program of a known good part.
During Load compensation you are prompted to fit this part, and the AT5600 measures it.
On subsequent tests, the AT5600 then scales the results in line with this known part.

AT56 Interlock Port
AT56 Interlock Port


The form factor and operation of the AT5600 safety interlock connector are identical to that on the AT3600.
The majority of our customers use both low and high voltage tests in all their test programs, for this reason the AT5600 is configured so that the safety interlock needs to be closed to run ANY program.

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