AT Server and Editor - Updates, New Features and Improvements

Details of AT software updates for all customers

This gives you new software features, and enhancements and fixes. All Firmware, Software and Manuals are free from our DOWNLOAD page.

AT dotNET Editor

14 NOV 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8332
Added a customer prompted disconnect/reconnect of USB cable  during firmware upgrade. This ensures correct first-time performance of the firmware upgrade process.

05 Oct 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8304
Fixed bug causing programs using European PC region settings using "comma" as decimal separator to crash or open incorrectly.
The "." (period) still has to be used for decimals within the program, but the software will now operate correctly on EUR region PCs.

12 Sep 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8280

Fixed bug causing programs using WATX and STRX tests to not open correctly.

17 Aug 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8259

File>Save As, Now uses existing name to prevent users from having to type in long names when making small alterations.
Fixed bug that could corrupt some CTY test form 10K to 0 ohms.
Fixed bug that could corrupt some OUT tests status on opening.
Enforced allowed file name character rules to prevent reserved windows characters (e.g., %, /) from being used. Definition now in 2.14.13 in manual.
ACIF X tests - made default radio button V, not mV for ease of programming.
Fixed fonts bug on some PCs where the minimize button text had become corrupted.

28 Jan 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8007
Added "Diff" and "Legacy" indicator columns to Batch Reporter to easily see Filename/Program name mismatch and old legacy V2 programs that wont work on AT5600.
TR dialogs resized to fit on smaller PC screens.
LSBX LPBX and ZBX can now have 0 A DC programmed for sweeps. Previously was 0.1A min.

18 Nov 2021
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.7984
Initial Release

AT dotNET Server

05 Oct 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8294
Added PC IP address information to Network>Set up screen for ease of setting up AT5600 over Ethernet connections

17 Aug 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8244
Better handling of invalid characters in program names when writing CSV results. This previously resulted in a crash if a Windows reserves character (e.g., “%” or “/” was used in a program name. these are now silently replaced with a “-“
CSV results - Add 4th simpler option of “<date> only” for CSV file names
Print - print preview of results fixed

28 Jan 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8013
Support for Batch Load Compensation / AT3600 Compatibility mode on AT5600
Fixed bug with initialization of setting on first install that required resetting of file name settings. Please not there is a possible use issue if your program name contain invalid windows file name characters, as creation of the results CSV now uses the program name in the results file name. This will appear to result in a crash.

18 Nov 2021
AT dotNET Server v4.0.7984
Initial Release