AT Server and Editor - Updates, New Features and Improvements

Details of AT software updates for all customers

This gives you new software features, and enhancements and fixes. All Firmware, Software and Manuals are free from our DOWNLOAD page.

AT dotNET Editor

03 May 2023
AT Editor dotNET v4.1.8511

Fixed IR test -  terminal numbers misaligned.
Fixed Print dialog - allow select specific pages to print 
Fixed Editor with AT3600 - missing POL results.
Reorder menus for clearer separation of AT5600 only items.
Fixed VOC dialog bug on fixed Amps.
Save CSV results - tidied up and removed blank spaces in Column 1 test information.
New Feature - Added "SAVE TSV" button on "run program" for EUR customers - Results as TXT/Tab separated values file. This mirrors that new AT server TSV file format.
Fixed screen update error on delete test.
Fixed control panel icon for program.

ILK, HPAC and HPDC  Correction on limits and dialog text to allow 1uA as min
SURGE - limit # impulse to be integer only and only show integer
VOC - dialog bug on fixed Amps.


10 Feb 2023
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8439
Changed programmable lower SURG Limits to allow 10uVS as minimum to match AT3600.
Fixed TRL, TR, CTM ratio limits as valid big ratios were sometimes mistakenly disallowed.
Improvements to AT5600 firmware download.
Fixed firmware download – occasional COM port is missing after the unit was rebooted.
Added NOTE message for user on firmware download if COM Port is missing.

14 Nov 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8332
Added a customer prompted disconnect/reconnect of USB cable  during firmware upgrade. This ensures correct first-time performance of the firmware upgrade process.

05 Oct 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8304
Fixed bug causing programs using European PC region settings using "comma" as decimal separator to crash or open incorrectly.
The "." (period) still has to be used for decimals within the program, but the software will now operate correctly on EUR region PCs.

12 Sep 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8280

Fixed bug causing programs using WATX and STRX tests to not open correctly.

17 Aug 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8259

File>Save As, Now uses existing name to prevent users from having to type in long names when making small alterations.
Fixed bug that could corrupt some CTY test form 10K to 0 ohms.
Fixed bug that could corrupt some OUT tests status on opening.
Enforced allowed file name character rules to prevent reserved windows characters (e.g., %, /) from being used. Definition now in 2.14.13 in manual.
ACIF X tests - made default radio button V, not mV for ease of programming.
Fixed fonts bug on some PCs where the minimize button text had become corrupted.

28 Jan 2022
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.8007
Added "Diff" and "Legacy" indicator columns to Batch Reporter to easily see Filename/Program name mismatch and old legacy V2 programs that wont work on AT5600.
TR dialogs resized to fit on smaller PC screens.
LSBX LPBX and ZBX can now have 0 A DC programmed for sweeps. Previously was 0.1A min.

18 Nov 2021
AT Editor dotNET v4.0.7984
Initial Release

AT dotNET Server

05 May 2023
AT dotNET Server V4.2.8494

Fixed occasionally getting TCP client error messages.

Menu labelling  - change "report" to be "Report (Local DB)" for clearer understanding - this feature is not available for your own external DB.
Add Ability to print individual historical local DB Results sheets from the localDB screen.
Printing - Right  justify the max, min, result data on both live and localDB  historical results, and units separate too, so numbers line up for ease of reading..
On install update control panel icon looks like the V3 icon.

22 Mar 2023
AT dotNET Server V4.0.8473

Menu labelling
Change "report" to be "Report (Local DB)" for clearer understanding that the build in report generator only looks to the local DB on the PC, not to any external DB you may also have enabled.

SQL – tblVoltechTestID.TestUnits
Fixed missing SQL data for R test 
SQL tables created by V3 of the server used “varchar(x)” which only supported ASCII.
SQL tables created by V4 of the server have always used nvarchar(x) which supports UNICODE.
As V4 now uses the “Ω” symbol rather than “ohms” this meant that users connecting V4 server to older legacy SQL databases would have missing entries on tblVoltechTestID.
This update now performs a silent test on any connect SQL database and updates the data types from "varchar" to "nvarchar" silently.

10 Feb 2023
AT dotNET Server v4.1.8440

Results - add 4th optional results option "TSV" to make TAB separated values file, (as TXT); this allows easier use in EUR where comma is delimiter.
Default on first install for this is OFF
Use SYSTEM CULTURE for Dates/Time and numeric format (e.g. comma for decimal in Europe).

File output - add two more file name options so BATCH is visible in file name if used
<Date>_<Batch #>_<UnitSN>
<Date>_<Batch #>_<PartNumber>_<UnitSN>.

Fixed printing- previously was always in TAB 1, but now printing is the active selected tab.

Fixed Server crashed when some REGION settings used.
Fixed unhandled exception rather than crashing silently.
Fixed Server silently fails on run.
Added more proactive checks server if unable to start properly.

If you are experiencing a crash on startup, then delete all the directories that start with the name "AT_Server_.Net..." in the location "C:\..\..\AppData\Local\Voltech_Instruments"

05 Oct 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8294
Added PC IP address information to Network>Set up screen for ease of setting up AT5600 over Ethernet connections

17 Aug 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8244
Better handling of invalid characters in program names when writing CSV results. This previously resulted in a crash if a Windows reserves character (e.g., “%” or “/” was used in a program name. these are now silently replaced with a “-“
CSV results - Add 4th simpler option of “<date> only” for CSV file names
Print - print preview of results fixed

28 Jan 2022
AT dotNET Server v4.0.8013
Support for Batch Load Compensation / AT3600 Compatibility mode on AT5600
Fixed bug with initialization of setting on first install that required resetting of file name settings. Please not there is a possible use issue if your program name contain invalid windows file name characters, as creation of the results CSV now uses the program name in the results file name. This will appear to result in a crash.

18 Nov 2021
AT dotNET Server v4.0.7984
Initial Release