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The One Solution for Transformer Testing

Building on the success of our AT3600, the industry’s foremost integrated automatic transformer tester, we are proud to announce the AT5600.

Whether you're a transformer or inductor manufacturer, or an OEM/ODM testing your incoming wound components, the AT5600 is essential.
It lets you cost-effectively deliver quality, and reliability. Invest in the AT5600 to meet and exceed your customer demands.

With the AT5600, over 48 different parameters can be rapidly measured, allowing you to completely test a transformer or inductor in seconds.

This includes high voltage tests for safety and reliability, as well as traditional LCR style measurements to guarantee correct operation over a wide variety of transformer types, as well as specialized tests for specific transformer technologies.

And most importantly, the AT5600 can match the scope and performance of our previous tester, the AT3600, but in half the test time.

AT5600 Key Features

Test any magnetic component :
Laminates, Toroids, Telecoms, SMPS transformer, CM Chokes, PoE Transformers , Ferrites and many more....

Any combination of tests to suit your needs: You choose the tests, the test order, the signal levels, AND the pass/fail limits. Once you have created your test program it can be instantly recalled and executed. All Software is free.

Integral 20-node matrix to test up to 10 different windings in full 4-wire Kelvin mode – the tester rapidly switches between the 5 sources and measure circuits to give fully automatic and comprehensive test coverage.

Built-In 5kV AC / 7kV DC Hi-Pot for Safety testing

Surge / Impulse testing - for checking interwinding strength

Integrated 270V AC 25W source for mains/line testing - Magnetizing current, Open CCT voltage, Watts, Power factor, Stress Watts

Free AT Editor software - Quicky create your own test programs and pass/fail limits.
Free AT Server software - Your operators recall controlled programs quickly - All results centrally saved in variety of popular formats.
Simple Pass/Fail indication, and new “audit test” and “diagnostic” functions
Quick-Change Voltech Fixture System means no set up time for different transformer types
Central program and results storage - Excel, Access, or SQL

Communication via Ethernet, USB, and legacy RS232
GUI display with industrial strength touchscreen
Patented technology for core energization - improves speed
Patented technology for current measurement - improves accuracy


Test ALL Your Parameters On ONE Station

The AT5600 provides a single solution for safety tests like Hi-Pot and Surge, and traditional LCR QA characterization tasks such as inductance and resistance measurement. See the full list of tests here

It provides double the measurement speed of competing solutions, allowing you to halve test time, or specify additional test points for your critical parameters without sacrificing speed.

The simple Pass/ Fail indication gives you fast operator throughput, and the comprehensive results storage allows you to understand, control and maintain your outgoing test quality.

# Code Result P/F

Transformers and other magnetics are key components in almost every electronic product manufactured today

Magnetics manufacturers, OEMs and CEMs are under pressure to deliver ever increasing levels of quality while keeping a tight rein on costs.

The AT5600 allows you to cost-effectively meet and exceed these expectations, increasing value-add and profitability for component manufacturers and their customers alike.

Whether you’re automating a manual testing process for the first time or you’re an existing Voltech customer upgrading from the AT3600, the AT5600 is for you.

Delivering twice the throughput of the previous AT3600, and ten times the efficiency of manual test strategies, the payback time, even for modest test volumes, could be less than one year.

Any Market, Any Test, Any Transformer

Take a look at the scope of our test capability - tests for all the main markets, 40+ different test types and examples of real life tests that our customers use every day to check and guarantee their quality of production

AT5600 On Line Demo

Use our On Line Demo to understand the speed and simplicity of our programming system

Existing AT3600 And ATi customers

Are you an existing AT3600 or ATi user?
Click here for advice on upgrading to the new AT5600

AT Fixture System

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AT Software

Discover more about the free AT software which enables you to quickly author test programs and then to run, collect, and analyse results

AT56 Test Specs, Models and Quotes

Explore the depth and breadth of our test capability and get instant online quotes.

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