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Technical Support and Advice

This support area has been designed to put our knowledge at your fingertips.

Search our technical documents, ask for technical support, explore calibration and repair service options,  and get latest software and firmware for your products.

Product Support Home Pages

AT5600 Support

Quick start guides, trouble shooting and advice for the AT5600, AT3600 + Ati

DC1000 Support

Quick start guides, trouble shooting and advice for the DC1000

Quick Links

Calibration and Repair

Explore the services available to you for our current and legacy products

Book Rental Units

Do you need a unit to cover whilst yours is out for calibration? Or just need extra capacity to test? AT5600's and DC1000's can be rented per month. 

Support Links by Product and Topic

An easy to use index of all our web resources by topic and product.

Technical Articles

Browse all technical documents, on a variety of transformer testing topics.

Ask an Engineer

Enter your question to get technical help.

AT3600 + ATi General Tips and FAQ

Hints and Tips on using the AT3600 + ATi

AT3600 ATi Cal Fixture FAQ

Hints and Tips on using the AT Calibration software and fixture for AT3600 + ATi

Legacy PM Series Power Analyzer support

Information on legacy Power Analyzer Products