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Kelvin Pin Custom Fixture

Fixture Type - Kelvin Pin Fixture - A - Dimensions

One of the most common types of transformer style is Dual-In-Line / Through-hole.

Even though electronic assembly is now predominantly surface mount, many companies still use traditional through hole transformers for the ease of manufacture, and the robust mechanical mounting provided by this type

This fixture type uses conventional Kelvin pins, allowing a quick push-fit of your transformer into the socket.

It also provides full 4-wire connectivity for best measurement.

Alternatively, you can use the form below to submit your datasheets and pictures and we can design the fixture for you.

Please upload your files here. You can select multiple files (Shift +Click) in the following windows dialog box.

Please enter the fixture dimensions you require by supplying the following information below.

Kelvin Pin Custom Fixture

Fixture Type - Kelvin Pin Fixture - B - Customize - remove pins

You can customize the design further by removing pins using this screen.

Please un-tick any pins that you wish to NOT FIT.

Please note; this will remove the Kelvin Pins AND the pin hole from the design.
- If your design uses a bobbin with pins removed, this will give you a fixture that ensures correct orientation fit of the transformer.
- If you require flexibility over several transformers, all using the same bobbin, then this could be a disadvantage.

Please note that the PIN1 location cannot be de-selected.


Pin 3 has been removed from the design to avoid mis-fit of test part
Pin 3 has been removed from the design to avoid mis-fit of test part

Kelvin Pin Custom Fixture

Fixture Type - Kelvin Pin Fixture - C - Customize - specify connections

You can customize the design further by telling us how you would like your fixture wired.

If you are replacing an existing fixture then this will allow you to make the fixture "Transformer" to "AT NODE" connections the same, so that you do not have to change the AT test program to work with the new fixture.

Auto wiring is turned on as default - This connects each of your pins to its nearest node.
To choose you own wiring, press the "CLEAR"  button and then click, hold and drag the pin to the specific BLUE AT node that you want to connect it to.

Kelvin Pin Custom Fixture

Fixture Type - Kelvin Pin Fixture - D - Name

Please give your fixture design a name for your own reference.

Kelvin Pin Custom Fixture

Fixture Type - Kelvin Pin Fixture - E - Summary and Cost

Type 1 Enter 1
Pin Pitch

Number of pins per row

Lead diameter

Type 1 Enter 1

Row Pitch
Type 1 Enter 2
Lead length below the transformer's mounting surface

Row Length = {{ fixture.design.DilRowLength | number : 2}} {{fixture.lengthType}}
Pin Pitch = {{ fixture.design.DilPinPitch | number : 2}} {{fixture.lengthType}}
Number of pins per row = {{ fixture.design.DilPinsPerRow }}
Lead Diameter = {{ fixture.design.DilLeadDiameter | number : 2}} {{fixture.lengthType}}

Row Pitch = {{ fixture.design.DilRowPitch | number : 2}} {{fixture.lengthType}}


This is selected as default.
You can click this button at any time, to re-select Auto-Wiring.
If you have no preference or constraints and we will wire the pins to the nearest available nodes.

Click this to clear any existing wiring that it already selected and to choose your own pin to nodes assignments.
Customers should be aware that wiring all pins to one side, or cross wiring can cause issues with High Voltage separation and longevity of the fixture.
We allow the freedom to wire to any nodes, in case you have many pre-exiting test programs, but please use this carefully.

New Log-in currently under review. Account to be decided. We will contact you.

Fixture Design Data

Row Pitch Pin Pitch Pins Per Row Row Length Lead Length
{{ fixture.design.DilRowPitch }} {{fixture.lengthType}} {{ fixture.design.DilPinPitch }} {{fixture.lengthType}} {{ fixture.design.DilPinsPerRow }} {{ fixture.design.DilRowLength }} {{fixture.lengthType}} {{ fixture.design.LeadLength }} {{fixture.lengthType}}

Pin and wiring summary

Quote details

Part Description Qty Unit Value Available
{{ fixture.basePin.PartNo }} {{ fixture.basePin.Description }} {{fixture.Qty}} {{fixture.baseUnit}} {{fixture.baseTotal }} {{fixture.baseAvailDate }}
{{ fixture.perPin.PartNo }} {{ fixture.perPin.Description }} {{ fixture.TotalPins }} {{ fixture.perPinUnit }} {{ fixture.perPinTotal }} {{ fixture.perPinAvailDate }}
Shipping:  {{ fixture.currencySymbol }}{{ fixture.ShipMethod.TotalCharge | number: 2 }}
Total:   {{ fixture.currencySymbol }}{{ fixture.QuoteSum }}

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