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The versatility of the AT5600 makes it ideal for testing a wide range of different transformer types, to cover all your customers market needs.

Quality and Profitability In Any Market

Because the AT5600 can test any magnetic component type, the AT5600 allows you to efficiently deliver quality in any industry area.
As the electronics industry continues its drive towards miniaturisation and customer requirements diversify, magnetic component manufacturers can rely on the AT5600 to provide the highest levels of quality assurance.
OEMs and CEMs can also use the AT5600 to perform fast, 100% incoming test, reducing the need for rework due to faulty components.

And the broad range of tests available means that you can test multiple product types on the same production line, with a simple test program reconfiguration.

Power supplies

Power supplies are perhaps the most familiar areas of application for transformers, but even here the requirements are diverse.
Ferrite-based transformers are ubiquitous in SMPS PSUs, lighting ballasts, inverters and UPS's. Chokes and inductors are also required in these end products, both to control output noise and ripple, and on the AC side for EMC filtering. An area where the AT5600 testing excels.


Transformer manufacturers are increasingly differentiating their products by reliability and safety compliance.
High-reliability aerospace and medical electronics all represent areas of substantial growth, where the ability to perform 100% testing is key.
The AT5600's built-in Hi-Pot, Surge and Stress Watts capability allows you to meet this need.


In communications applications, devices such as xDSL filters and Ethernet LAN transformers have distinctive test requirements.
Accurate measurements of return loss, insertion loss and longitudinal balance, as well as hi-pot testing, are all possible using the integrated AT5600 platform.


Transformers are also frequently used in audio products, to provide isolation and impedance matching.
Here the AT5600’s capability to test under normal operating conditions, and at high frequencies, is a key benefit along with its specific tests designed for audio transformers

A comprehensive range of over 40 test types.
Assurance of output quality, with no time penalty

Our technology also allows 100% testing at real operating voltages – particularly useful for components destined for safety critical applications, and in reducing field failures by keeping tight control of the manufacturing process.
Patented technologies in areas such as impedance measurement and core energisation improve both time-to-test and measurement accuracy.
And tests engineered for specific technologies gives you a broad coverage of test methods.

Winding Resistance

Used to check for integrity of assembly, correct wire gauge, and shorted turns on all windings

Series Or Parallel Inductance

To assess core material, core assembly, gapping and inductance operation over 20 Hz - 3 MHz

Turns Ratio

Used to check components are correctly wound with the correct number of turns. Also confirms correct phasing.

Leakage Inductance

To check for close coupling of the magnetic flux between windings, or confirm a specific LL value if desired.

Magnetising Current

Understand and manage core losses with direct testing of larger transformers at high speed 1-270 V AC

AC and DC Hi-Pot

Check and confirm isolation and product safety with integrated high voltage testing as part of your standard test sequence

Surge Testing

A stress test to identify shorted turns or weakened insultation. To validate quality and longevity of build

DC Bias testing

Testing for core saturation characteristics, when in the presence of DC bias signals

A Single Test Station for Any Magnetic Component

The AT5600 can perform all of the production and characterisation tests that you require, for any transformer or magnetic component type.
Click a type below to see worked examples of the testing available to you today.


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