AT3600 General Tips and FAQ

Hints and Tips on using the AT3600

My Unit Boots with "Main Operation Suspended". What can i do?

There can be several possible causes of this

a, Incorrectly inserting RS232 comms cable into the Remote port in the back of the unit.
Check that nothing is plugged into the remote port of the unit, as misuse of  the control lines can prevent correct booting. 

b, Faulty Footswitch in remote port / or booting with footswitch depressed.
Similar to the above.

b, Corrupt firmware.
In some cases the firmware may have corrupted.
The standard "AT36.abs" firmware update file will not work in this case.
If this happens contact us and request a customized firmware  file and give us the serial number of your AT3600 unit (TCyy/xxxx)
We will supply a file "AT36xxxx.abs" where xxx is the serial number of your unit.
The editor will allow this to be downloaded and it will fully flush and reprogram the operating system.